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Why buy with us?

Buying a property anywhere in the world is a daunting task at best. There are a plethora of legal pitfalls and it also requires a substantial amount of knowledge to ensure that the best property is bought at the right price.

A Real Estate Broker (or Agent) can help with the legal side. The system, is in place to protect the buyer AND the seller from any possible issues related to the purchase or sale of a property. All Realtors have the necessary education and tools to help guide their clients towards a successful transaction.

However, what all realtors don't have is a wealth of knowledge of the area you are interested in buying in. This is because a license to practice Real Estate, which requires a college level course of several month's to obtain, allows Brokers to sell ANYWHERE in the entire province.

In a small town where values and property types are more constant, this can make sense, but in a large city where areas and neighbourhoods can change within a couple of blocks, a much more 'experienced based' service is required to ensure to fully understand a buyers needs and options and guide them towards properties and areas that will meet them. This cannot be done by any Realtor, it has to be done by a Real Estate broker who specialises in specific neighbourhoods.

A Realtor with good local knowledge can be of extremely good help in, not only finding the right property for a buyer, but also doing so faster and with adequate information to ensure that the property purchased is fair or good value for money. Working with such a Realtor can also save time and money as the negotiating of the price is an art much better practiced by a Realtor who understands his market.

The Downtown Realty Team offers up-to-date and in-depth knowledge to of your local real estate market. Our reputable and accomplished team of brokers are committed providing a highly professional, confidential and personalized service.

Our expert advice is based on accurate and relevant market analysis. We continually keep our finger on the pulse of the real estate market by working actively in the downtown core. This allows us to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and pertinent information and access to properties that do not appear on MLS. We present clear and comprehensive arguments to help guide our clients towards a more profitable and successful transaction. Providing innovative strategies and calculating the best potential return on investment, our clients benefit from the tools and expert knowledge that are necessary to make a good real estate investment.  

Our skills allow our clients to look at a real estate transaction as a real estate investment opportunity. Our detailed knowledge of condo developments, services and amenities throughout the city allow us to guide our clients to a sector and property that best fits their criteria and lifestyle. We have extensive experience in dealing with non-resident clients and our wide range of international contacts facilitate real estate transactions for those who wish to buy Canadian real estate from abroad.

We also work closely with mortgage brokers and financial advisors from the major Canadian banks and this can prove to be very helpful, especially for non-resident clients trying to get secure financing in Canada. Those non-resident clients can also benefit from our contacts in the renovation and service industry. We have a large network and close ties to reputable general contractors, cleaning services, painters, plumbers, etc..

We are always be reached via email or phone. We invite you to contact us anytime for any real estate advice, consultation or an inquiry about a property. Our service is entirely free unless we get the job done.

We are look forward to hearing from you.